Please note that there may still be a few last minute changes to the programme.

There is a 15 minute interval between each programme item.

Friday, June 14th

The Big Room

The Reading Room


Good Reads

Our traditional first panel. The panelists each choose a book, all of them read it and discuss it.

Beth Friedman, Thomas Noriega (M), Sabina Pagotto, Lewis Powell



How do you title a book?

You'd think it would be easy, but A Fire Upon the Deep was originally called Among the Tines, and it took more than a year before Rene came up with the perfect title for Among Others. Where do titles come from, and why does it matter?

Mal Frasier, Victoria Goddard, Michèle LaFramboise, Ada Palmer (M), Su Sokol

19:15 Rosemary Kirstein Reading


Lila Garrott Reading


That’s Not How It Works

Our panel of experts debunk some myths.

Mike Booth, Grace Burson, Ruthanna Emrys, Gretchen McCulloch (M), Sabina Pagotto

20:45 Greer Gilman Reading
    21:30 Yves Meynard Reading


Saturday, June 15th

The Big Room

The Reading Room


Moving Through the World: Writing Travel

Tolkien didn't start it, Homer started it. It can be a quest, a picaresque, a story of there and back again, but how and why do we write characters moving through the world?

Victoria Goddard, Rosemary Kirstein, Ada Palmer (M), Alison Sinclair, Su Sokol


Ruthanna Emrys interviewed by Lewis Powell



The Blue Panel

The Blue Sword, The Blue Hawk, The Blue Castle: Three very different books, yet their similarities go beyond the colour in the title.

Mathieu Glachant, Gretchen McCulloch, Alexis Shotwell, Shaz Taslimi, Jo Walton (M)


Naomi Kritzer Reading


Victoria Goddard Reading




Shaping a story for different media

Comics, games, and movies are different from written fiction, and need some skills that are the same and some that are different. How do the skills translate?

EJ Fischer, Michèle LaFramboise, Ada Palmer (M), Andrew Plotkin, Jesse Scoble


Will Alexander interviewed by Jo Walton


Using Fiction to Change the World!

Some books change the world so much we're not reading them in the world they were written in. Other books get overwhelmed by the message. How do we keep this balance?

Will Alexander, Naomi Kritzer, Alexis Shotwell (M), Su Sokol


Ada Palmer interviewed by Mathieu Glachant


Fictionalising History

If we're going to write things using history, why don't we just write historical novels? What do we gain from reshaping and adding to history?

Maya Chhabra, Alice Degan, Naomi Kritzer, Sherwood Smith, Jo Walton (M)

16:30 Norstrilia Book club
Emmet O’Brien


Training montages, infodumps and other things we’re not supposed to like

There are things writers are told not to do but which readers eat with a spoon, what's up with that?

Mal Frasier, Gretchen McCulloch, Alison Sinclair, Shaz Taslimi, Jo Walton (M)

17:45 Playreading: The Replacement Traitor, or Crucifixion on the Orient Express, by Katherine Nehring




Sassafrass Concert


Sunday, June 16th


The Big Room


The Reading Room


A Book For Grown-ups

What do we do differently when we're thinking about the age of our protagonists?

Will Alexander, Michèle LaFramboise, Sherwood Smith, Yves Meynard, Maya Chhabra


Victoria Goddard, interviewed by Alexis Shotwell


Imaginary Books

The books in books that don't exist and yet we know what it would feel like to read them.

Mal Frasier, Lila Garrott, Greer Gilman, Yves Meynard Jo Walton (M)


Ada Palmer Reading




Making Up Names for people and places

Making names sound consistent and evocative is harder than it looks.

Greer Gilman, Rosemary Kirstein, Gretchen McCulloch (M), Jesse Scoble, Sherwood Smith



Eugene Fischer Reading


Alice Degan Reading


Dante, SF writer

ari dorsey, Victoria Goddard, Thomas Noriega, Ada Palmer, Jo Walton


Su Sokol Reading


The Future of the Whole Planet

How do we write and plan futures thinking about the whole world and not just where we are, and what does it mean when we do?

Will Alexander, Ruthanna Emrys, Eugene Fischer, Naomi Kritzer, Ada Palmer (M)

16:30 Lolly Willowes Book club
Lila Garrott 

Raffle Drawing